Wednesday, May 11, 2011

State Updates: MA, CA, CO

The 2011 report by the Massachusetts Medical Society notes that RomneyCare has resulted in, "Longer patient wait times, continued difficult access to primary care physicians,and gaps in physician acceptance of government coverage". (Via Scott K.)

The natural next question from Jared Rhoads, "How long until the Physician Mandate?"

Also in Massachusetts, an insurance company is being penalized $760,000 for selling policies that don't abide by the various state mandates.

(Or as Jared Rhoads noted on Twitter: "MA AG to insurance company: "STOP SELLING INSURANCE POLICIES THAT PEOPLE WANT! #governmentknowsbest")

John Graham's 5/6/2011 OpEd in the Orange County Register summarizes the main problem with the proposed new California law to impose Massachusetts-like controls over California's health insurance companies: "Politicians can't control health care costs". (Via Dr. Richard Armstrong of D4PC.)

Colorado Republican Amy Stephens continues to push for a state-run health insurance exchange, characterizing the government system as "free market", and calling opponents of her bill "anarchists". With "friends" like this... (Via Ari Armstrong.)