Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wolf: Obamacare Shouldn't Be Replaced With Gingrichcare

Dr. Milton Wolf has another nice piece in the Washington Times, "Obamacare shouldn't be replaced with Gingrichcare".

He makes the crucial point that the central-planning and nanny-state approaches to health care are wrong, regardless of whether they are proposed by Democrats or Republicans.

Here is an excerpt:
Mr. Gingrich notes that in the 2,409 pages of the Obamacare law, the word "require" appears 198 times. Yet in his own book, the same word appears with a higher frequency, 80 times in the 356 pages. Add words like "encourage," "migrate," "incentivize" and their variants, and Mr. Gingrich's euphemistic requirements total 144. Mr. Gingrich may not like most of President Obama's requirements -- and neither do I -- but he sure loves his own.

On the Gingrich road to universal health care are many stops in the nanny state. Despite claims of "[n]o mandates," his so-called "pro-jobs, pro-growth" health care plan includes micromanaging elementary schools to assure they provide physical education classes five days a week, and he takes time to monitor school breakfasts and lunches and even vending machines. Mr. Gingrich evidently agrees with first lady and food cop Michelle Obama that the government, not parents, should decide what their children eat...

Are we to believe that big government by Mr. Obama is bad but big government by Mr. Gingrich is good?
(Read the full text of "Obamacare shouldn't be replaced with Gingrichcare".)

Americans did not vote for the GOP in the 2010 election because they wanted statism-lite. I'm glad men like Dr. Wolf are reminding them of this important fact.