Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wolf: Run, Democrats, Run

Dr. Milton Wolf notes that the Democrats are on the wrong side of history in his latest column, "Run, Democrats, Run".

A couple of nice quotes:
The free market is the most powerful engine of human prosperity in the history of mankind and today's Democrats stand desperately in its way to appease those who are enriched by big government at the expense of everyone else. It’s not by coincidence that the most prosperous and powerful nation the world has ever known grew out of the cradle of democracy. Freedom, after all, is the core of the free market. It's the freedom for you to control your own resources and with them, your destiny...

American Democrats are in defiance of history and common sense. As Canadian and British patients flee government-run socialized health care, Democrats rush to implement Obamacare. As once-impoverished nations become wealthy by manufacturing goods for Americans, Democrats and their union allies are aiding them by raising manufacturing costs here at home. As Asian auto companies make cars people actually want, President Obama nationalized car companies and is now bribing you with your own money to buy an electric clunker nobody wants. As our competitors understand the elegantly simple yet profoundly powerful concept of supply and demand, Mr. Obama implements an oil-drilling moratorium and rushes toward $5 per gallon gasoline.
(Read the full text of "Run, Democrats, Run".)

The Democrats are on the wrong side of history. The big question is whether the Republicans will choose to be on the right side...