Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wolf: Loudest ObamaCare Cheerleader Wants Out

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new OpEd in the 3/25/2011 Washington Times, "Loudest Obamacare Cheerleader Wants Out".

Here's an excerpt:
Becoming the most hypocritical politician in America is not an easy goal to achieve, but New York’s Rep. Anthony Weiner, a Democrat, is up to the task.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration began rewarding its union friends and others with an escape from the clutches of Obamacare. Now one of the most outspoken Obamacare supporters -- the man who actually said, "I wrote the bill... the bill and I are one" wants his own "get out of jail free" card from this abominable law.
Congressman Weiner wants a waiver for New York City, to join the long list of other waivers already granted by the Administration:
HHS acknowledges issuing 1,040 "get out of jail free" cards to unions and other friends. Five states have been graced with their very own Obamacare waivers, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and, newest pampered friend, Maine. Why Maine? According to the administration, Obamacare "has a reasonable likelihood of destabilizing the Maine individual health insurance market."
As Dr. Wolf notes:
[I]ts pay-for-play, politics-as-usual scheme is enriching administration cronies on the backs of everyone else. As Mr. Weiner said, "A lot of people who got waivers were... people who are our friends."
(Read the full text of "Loudest Obamacare Cheerleader Wants Out".)

So ObamaCare supporters acknowledge that it's wrong for large urban areas like New York City, small rural states like Maine, and Midwestern "heartland" states like Ohio.

The natural question is, why should the rest of America put up with it?