Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kudos To The Lucidicus Project

Congratulations to the Lucidicus Project for being named a finalist in the Sam Adams Alliance 2011 "Sammies" award to honor pro-freedom activists around the country!

From the Lucidicus Project website:
The Lucidicus Project is an independent educational initiative whose mission is to help medical students and the general public learn more about the case for free markets and individual rights in medicine.

We raise money to provide books to students who are entering medicine, nursing, and other healthcare-related professions. By giving away our self-defense kit, we help the doctors of tomorrow learn to stand up for the right to practice medicine in a free market and a free society. We also regularly publish editorials on healthcare policy and provide commentary and links through social media. The project was founded in 2005 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.
Jared and Becky Rhoads have also written numerous editorials.

I'm glad they're getting the attention they deserve. If you wish to support their work, you can donate here.