Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick Links: Ralston, Mandatory Medicare, Affordable Clinics

In the 3/23/2011 Orange County Register, Richard Ralston of AFCM explains why "Waste abounds with Obamacare". In particular, he notes that "Obamacare will waste our money, but that cost is insignificant compared to our wasted freedom, wasted medicine and wasted lives."

The 3/24/2011 Wall Street Journal reports that a federal judge has ruled that senior citizens may not freely opt out of Medicare. If they do so, they'll have to forfeit their Social Security benefits.

Hence, unless seniors are wealthy enough to absorb that financial penalty, they must receive their care on government terms -- and their doctors must practice according to government guidelines. (Via Dr. Beth Haynes.)

On a more positive note, the 3/25/2011 Northern Colorado Business Report describes how the GeneralCare Medical Clinic in Fort Collins, CO provides affordable quality care -- by bypassing the insurance middleman.

This is precisely the sort of innovative business model that will be jeopardized by mandatory insurance. (Via Brian Schwartz.)