Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hsieh DP LTE on ObamaCare Savings

The March 3, 2011 Denver Post has published my latest LTE on ObamaCare.

I was responding to an earlier OpEd by Dr. Ned Calonge of the Colorado Trust claiming huge cost savings to Colorado under ObamaCare.

Here is my LTE reply as published by the Denver Post:
Questioning the savings under health reform

Re: "In Colorado, health care reform means lower costs," Feb. 23 guest commentary.

The cost savings that Dr. Ned Calonge and The Colorado Trust are counting on under Obamacare are unlikely to materialize. After Massachusetts adopted a similar "reform" plan in 2006, health insurance premiums went up at double the national average -- not down. Similarly, Medicare chief actuary Richard Foster recently told Congress that the new health law is unlikely hold down costs for the federal government. If it won't save money for the feds, it's unlikely to save money for Colorado. Finally, the national plan relies on an "individual insurance mandate" of dubious constitutionality -- and a gross infringement of individual freedoms.

We’re more likely to see John Elway come out of retirement and quarterback the Broncos to another Super Bowl than see any of Dr. Calonge's promised cost savings.

Paul Hsieh, M.D., Sedalia