Monday, June 21, 2010

Ralston: Feds' Boot On Your Doctor's Neck

The June 17, 2010 Orange County Register has published another OpEd by Richard Ralston, "Feds' Boot On Your Doctor's Neck".

With respect to the recent Idaho case, Ralston notes:
In the Orwellian world of the Justice Department, if physicians decide on a price, they are engaged in a criminal conspiracy, and if the government forces a price on everyone, that is a "market price." When the clear meaning of words is replaced with government fiat in this way, all limits on arbitrary government power and its use of force are destroyed.

...What President Obama calls health care "reform" will, over the next few years, make it quite clear who will decide which medicine or surgical treatments you need. It will not be your physician.

As the government becomes the exclusive authority over the cost of health care, it will inevitably become the exclusive authority over the treatments permitted in health care.
There's much more, and I highly recommend reading the full text.