Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Five Lessons From Massachusetts

The June 15, 2010 CNN website features the following story from Fortune editor Shawn Tully, "Five Painful Health Care Lessons From Massachusetts".

The lessons are:
1: The Massachusetts plan does not control costs.
2: Community rating, guaranteed issue and mandated benefits swell costs.
3: Huge subsidies for low-to-medium earners could prove extremely expensive.
4: The exchanges reward people for working less and earning less.
5: The generous plans and added mandates give employers an incentive to drop health insurance.
(Read the full text of "Five Painful Health Care Lessons From Massachusetts".)

These are all illustrations of the broader principle: When government interferes in the free market, prices rise, quality goes down, and honest people suffer.

Do we really want this for the rest of America?