Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hsieh PJM OpEd: "Free Speech: Use It or Lose It"

PajamasMedia has just published my latest OpEd, "Free Speech: Use It or Lose It".

My theme is that Americans need to be aware of some dangerous new threats to our freedom of speech, and we must fight back based on a proper intellectual defense of free speech.

Here is the introduction:
"We're from the government and we'll have to revoke your blogging license if you keep spreading too much 'misinformation.'"

A few years ago, such a warning would have seemed far-fetched. But recent developments threaten to turn this from bad science fiction into grim reality. If bloggers and independent journalists wish to avoid this nightmare, we must speak out now to defend freedom of speech -- and we must defend it for the right reasons...
(Read the full text of "Free Speech: Use It or Lose It".)

Bloggers and independent journalists in particular need to be aware of this issue. During the peak of the ObamaCare debate, it was only through the blogosphere that I was able to keep up with a fully representative set of viewpoints and arguments.

If I had to rely only on the New York Times (publishing all the news they consider "fit to print"), I wouldn't have learned about the projected cost overruns that they are only now reporting or the praise for ObamaCare as a means of redistributing wealth until after the bill had passed.

Update: Thank you, Instapundit!