Friday, June 25, 2010

Bogus New "Rights"

The June 23, 2010 Investor's Business Daily comments on the new patient "bill of rights" released by the White House and they conclude that it will merely make our current problems worse.

Of course, these aren't new "rights" but merely declarations of entitlements -- which will have to be paid for by taxpayers. And to guarantee these alleged "rights", the government will have to exert greater control over prices and services.

As the article notes:
They just won't let insurers raise their rates without government permission. Speaking ominously, Obama told the industry Tuesday "we'll be watching closely" and indicated the government would not tolerate "unjustified rate increases."

An army of bureaucrats is toiling presently to determine what constitutes a premium increase that is "unreasonable" and runs afoul of the law. No one else's input or opinion matters but theirs.

Anyone who thinks that limitless benefit payments plus caps on premiums equal a market with a shrinking number of private insurance providers is right.

Following closely behind that thought is the realization that the Democrats' health care overhaul really is a means to take medicine out of the private sector and put it in the hands of government.
The only way we can defeat this is to stand firm on the concept that "health care is not a right".

When this idea gains traction in the popular culture, then we will be on the way to genuine health care reforms. And until it gains traction, we'll merely be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.