Thursday, October 10, 2013

Milton Wolf Running For US Senate

Dr. Milton Wolf has announced he'll be a candidate for the US Senate, challenging incumbent Pat Roberts in the GOP primary.

Here's his recent interview with Glenn Reynolds (aka "Instapundit"):

He has captured the attention of conservatives at the national level, as seen by this article, "Is Milton Wolf the next Ted Cruz?"

His campaign has a website at and a Facebook page.  Here's his "Meet Milton Wolf" campaign ad.

You can also see a list of his columns for the Washington Times, many of which I've also linked to on this site.

I very much like his views on free-market health care reform.  (There are some issues on which we undoubtedly diverge, but that's not my focus at present.)  Overall, I'm glad he's a candidate and I encourage others who want to learn more to check him out!