Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hsieh Forbes OpEd: "Northwestern University Did Right In Offering A Peanut-Free Football Game"

Forbes has published my latest OpEd, "Northwestern University Did Right In Offering A Peanut-Free Football Game".

Here is the opening:
2013, Northwestern University hosted the first known peanut-free college football game against Big Ten rival Minnesota. For that day, the school forbade peanut products from being sold or brought into the stadium. Groundskeepers even power-washed the 47,000 seats before the game to eliminate any peanut residue.
To my surprise, this aroused enormous controversy from some conservatives.  I discuss why their reasons are misguided and why I approve of Northwestern's decision.

I'd like to thank Diana Hsieh, Jenn Casey, and Dr. Matthew Bowdish for reading an earlier version of this piece. I'd also like to thank Alex Knapp for providing the quote at the end.

And as a followup, on 10/21/2013 the Daily Northwestern reported, "Students praise Northwestern's first allergy-conscious football game".