Monday, October 21, 2013

McArdle: Four Things We Think We Know About Obamacare

Megan McArdle writes the following in her post, "Four Things We Think We Know About Obamacare":
I’ve been seeing a few things floating around the blogosphere about Obamacare that aren’t true. They’re not really conservative or liberal talking points; they’re just misconceptions that people may have about how the health-care law works. So it seems worth pointing them out, especially because relying on some of these “facts” could get you into big trouble...
She then discusses 4 points of conventional wisdom that might not be fully correct:
You have until March 31 to buy health insurance.
The penalty for being uninsured next year is $95.
If the exchanges don’t work, as a last resort, we can always get people signed up through call centers.
The state exchanges are doing fine.
McArdle discusses each in more detail.  Read more at: "Four Things We Think We Know About Obamacare".