Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Links: Catron, Orient, Romney Folding

David Catron: "The Charlatans of Charlotte", American Spectator, 9/7/2012.

Catron discusses the latest political demagoguing on Medicare. (I look forward to when politicians are seriously discussing how best to phase out Medicare.)

Dr. Jane Orient: "Health care coverage that kills" (Washington Times, 9/3/2012).

She notes: "[D]on't expect your life will have a higher priority than Obamacare's bottom line."

Will Romney fold on ObamaCare?  Tyler Cowen believes he will: "I’ve been predicting a Romney administration would block grant Medicaid, undo some or all of the Medicare savings in ACA, but essentially keep the mandate under a different label and then claim to have 'repealed and replaced.'"

If Romney continues to signal this, he could lose many votes from potential supporters.  And if Romney is elected, free-market advocates should recognize that this would only be the beginning (not the end) of the fight for genuine health are reform.