Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hsieh Forbes OpEd: Will Obamacare Play Games With Your Actual Life?

Forbes has just published my latest piece, "Will Obamacare Play Games With Your Actual Life?"

My theme is that new ObamaCare rules on readmitting sick patients could tempt hospitals to "game the system" to your detriment.

Here is the opening:

Have you ever boarded an airplane, pushed off from the gate, then sat motionless on the runway for 45 minutes? This can happen for many reasons. But the federal Department of Transportation counts a flight as “departed” once it leaves the gate, not when it leaves the ground. Hence, airports have an incentive to “game the system” and artificially inflate their on-time departure statistics by sending planes from their gates even if they don’t go anywhere.

Under new ObamaCare rules, hospitals will have a similar incentive to “game” the system to improve their Medicare statistics, even at patient expense...

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