Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catron on Obama's AARP Speech

David Catron described how, "Obama's AARP Speech Broke My BS Detector".

In his 9/24/2012 American Spectator piece, Catron does some fact-checking on Obama claims, including:
"We've added years to the life of the program by getting rid of taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies that weren't making people healthier"

"[O]ver the next 10 years, we expect the average Medicare beneficiary to save nearly $5,000 as a result of this law"

"We lengthened the life of the trust fund by eight years"

"Their plan replaces guaranteed Medicare benefits with a voucher that wouldn't keep up with costs"
Read the full text of "Obama's AARP Speech Broke My BS Detector" for Catron's rebuttals.

(For the record, I believe Medicare should be eventually phased out and fully privatized, not "saved" as Romney/Ryan advocate.)