Thursday, July 19, 2012

Krening: What ObamaCare Means to Me

Our friend (and cancer survivor) Hannah Krening discusses the patient's perspective on government-run health care at, "What ObamaCare Means to Me".(TOS blog, 7/18/2012)

Here's an excerpt:
Should my cancer return, will I have access to the expensive but vital drugs that boosted my depleted red and white blood cell counts and kept my chemotherapy and radiation treatments on schedule and thus more effective? What restrictions will my doctor face in prescribing treatment, and what restrictions will I face in obtaining it? No one knows.
Until government gets out of the health-care business and starts protecting rather than violating the rights of providers, patients, and insurers to contract voluntarily in a free market, my greatest fear is not that I might need treatment in the future—that I could deal with. My greatest fear is that if I do need treatment, I won’t be permitted to receive it.
(Read the full text of "What ObamaCare Means to Me".)

This could be you, your mother, your sister, or your wife.