Saturday, July 21, 2012

Civilian Responses to Active Attackers

[This is a bit off-topic for my usual health care blogging, but I'm exercising bloggers' prerogative.  --PSH]

If you ever find yourself in a mass-shooting incident, how can you safely respond?

My friend Ari Armstrong discusses this with his father Linn Armstrong (a firearms instructor here in Colorado) on what unarmed -- and armed -- civilians can do. For instance, unarmed civilians could throw their movie theater drinks and any available objects en masse at a shooter, thus disorienting him.

Here's the full blog post by Ari and the related video, "Civilian Responses to Active Attackers":

FWIW, my group practices at two of the big trauma hospitals in Denver that received casualties from the Colorado shooting, The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA) and Swedish Medical Center.

I was off-duty that night, but when I came in early that morning I talked to one of the ER doctors at TMCA who helped treated these patients.  He and his colleagues were worn out after a long and busy night, but they did a terrific job under enormous pressure.