Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wolf On Liberalism

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new piece in the Washington Times, "Liberalism's Unwashed Last Stand".

Today's OWS protestors are engaging in the First World equivalent of "magical thinking" -- as if demanding free goodies at others' expense will make it happen. Of course, this game only "works" as long as someone else is willing to foot the bill.

But as the protestors in Greece are learning, this can't go on forever -- either because those paying bills can't (or won't) continue indefinitely. The only real question is how it ends.

Similarly, the entitlement state in the US will end sooner or later -- the only question is whether it will be a semi-controlled landing or a catastrophic crash. Of course, the issue involves all manner of entitlements, ranging from health care to business subsidies to "crony capitalism".

Fortunately, more Americans are waking up to the issue. The OWS protestors openly declaring, "I want more handouts" are helping to make the issues clearer to most ordinary Americans, without as much of the prior sanctimonious window dressing.

(Read the full text of "Liberalism's Unwashed Last Stand".)