Friday, October 7, 2011

Dr. Lee Hieb Explains How Regulation Hurts Patients

The Black Ribbon Project has posted this video, "Dr. Lee Hieb explains how regulation hurts patients":

She makes a couple of critical points:
Government-run medicine necessarily sacrifices the individual to the collective.

It compels one person to pay for another's health care -- which is no longer charity but immoral once it bcomes compulsory.
Here's the short summary from AAPS:
Government over-regulation increases costs, decreases quality, and limits access to medical care says orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Lee Hieb. She is President of AAPS, In her talk at the Doctors Town Hall in Nashville on August 6, 2011, she gives real world examples from her experience as a physician running a private practice. Only true free market solutions will decrease costs, increase quality and improve access to care.