Thursday, October 27, 2011


Dr. Milton Wolf's latest Washington Times OpEd discusses, "CLASS-less Democrats: Obamacare collapsing en route to Supreme Court".

He discusses the inevitable failure of the unsustainable ObamaCare CLASS program, intended to "guarantee" long-term care for patients. Because it was based on transparent accounting gimmicks (including "count[ing] 10 years of CLASS incoming revenue but just five years of expenses"), it could never possibly work.

Wolf then makes this broader point:
the CLASS Act is nonviable for the same reason that the rest of Obamacare is nonviable: There simply isn't enough of other people's money to pay for it. Obamacare is propped up by the individual mandate, which forces would-be free Americans to purchase far more health insurance than they need as an obvious means to transfer wealth. Because Obamacare doles out welfare goodies to families earning up to $88,500 a year -- imagine that -- a whole lot of wealth needs to be transferred. The individual mandate, as currently adjudicated in federal court, has been ruled unconstitutional. If the Supreme Court resurrects the mandate, it's likely an even higher court -- the voters -- will strike it down.
(Read the full text of "CLASS-less Democrats".)

Reality always wins in the end, despite politicians' desires to fudge it. American voters just need to remind them of that fact come 2012.