Friday, October 28, 2011

Massachusetts Hardship

The 10/18/2011 Boston Herald discusses continuing problems with Massachusetts' "universal" health care system based on mandatory insurance.

Lauren and Nick Destito are being told by the state that the health insurance plan they've purchased is not acceptable, and are being punished for it despite their current financial hardships.

From the article, "Health-Care Agency Sick":
...[T}he state must establish if her family could afford other, better insurance, and that affordability is determined "not, unfortunately, from your perspective but from the state agency's view."

In other words, the state decides how much health insurance you can afford -- not you.

After that stunner, [state insurance hearing officer Irene] Herman asked Destito detailed questions about her income and expenses right down to costs of clothing, heat, food, phones. She also said the state would need documentation on her mortgage and medical bill arrears as well as what her insurance does and does not covers.

"This is outrageous," [state representative Dan] Winslow interjected. "Bankruptcy isn't enough? Unemployment isn't enough? Buying insurance isn't enough when it's bought from a licensed broker in Massachusetts?..."
(Read the full text of "Health-Care Agency Sick".)

Whenever the government imposes mandatory insurance, it must necessary specify what constitutes an acceptable (or unacceptable policy). And if you don't spend your own money in a fashion the state deems appropriate, you'll pay the price.

Because ObamaCare is closely modelled after the Massachusetts plan, residents of the other 49 states may soon have to learn this the hard way.

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