Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Links: Catron, Zawistowski, Rich

More good blog posts to read while I'm busy this week on nightshift duty:

David Catron: "Magical Thinking About ObamaCare"

Stella Zawistowski: "Drug dealing by the federal government"

Dr. Rich: "Fugitive Busted By His Pacemaker (And His Doctor)"

One excerpt from Dr. Rich's post:
To DrRich, the interesting part of the storyline only peripherally involves the pacemaker. The real story is this:
* A patient goes to a hospital for medical help.

* A medical procedure is done which generates certain data for the medical record.

* The data in the medical record is immediately cross-referenced with data from a federal database that lists persons of interest.

* The FBI shows up at the bedside in less time than it takes to raise a nurse with a bedpan.
Now, that's actually a pretty interesting story.

(And people wonder why the Central Authority is so hot to have electronic medical records.)