Friday, January 14, 2011

Catron: Some Vitriolic Rhetoric About Repeal

David Catron has a new piece in today's AmSpec, "Some Vitriolic Rhetoric About Repeal".

In particular, he warns Republicans that they should not let the Democrats use the Tuscon murders to derail their efforts to repeal ObamaCare. Here's an excerpt:
The repeal effort will presumably begin moving forward again next week, and the debate will no doubt be more restrained than might have been the case before Tucson. The Republicans will certainly be less aggressive in their rhetoric. The Democrats will, in turn, see this as weakness and attempt to exploit the gesture, just as they have exploited Tucson. They will brand as "vitriolic" every floor speech in favor of repeal and repeatedly demand that the GOP water down its agenda.

House Republicans would do well to ignore these tricks. They know that Tucson had nothing to do with the health care debate or any other political exchange. And the Democrats know it as well. In fact, according to a CBS poll taken early in the week, even the public gets it. The survey showed that "57 percent of poll participants said the country's harsh political tone was unrelated to the shooting." So, there really is no excuse for the GOP to wave the white flag on repeal.
(Read the full text of "Some Vitriolic Rhetoric About Repeal".)

Catron is absolutely right. The Republicans need to "stick to their guns" (so to speak) on this issue and not capitulate.

Again, this highlights the importance of having the moral confidence that repealing ObamaCare is right.