Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hsieh WashTimes OpEd: Best Health Care Political Pull Can Buy

The January 6, 2011 Washington Times has published my latest OpEd, "Best Health Care Political Pull Can Buy".

My theme is that unless ObamaCare is repealed, it will foster the wrong kind of health care competition.

Here's an excerpt:
When President Obama signed his health care plan into law, he promised it would foster "choice and competition." Nine months later, Americans can count this as another Big Lie. Obamacare has instead reduced competition in the marketplace for health services...

Yet while Obamacare is suppressing genuine marketplace competition for medical services, it is also spurring a more sinister facsimile of competition -- for political favors...
(Read the full text of "Best Health Care Political Pull Can Buy".)

I'd like to thank the organization for helping to facilitate publishing this article -- especially Dr. Hal Scherz and Dr. Richard Armstrong.

And I'd like to thank Diana Hsieh, Ari Armstrong, and Brian Schwartz for their help in editing my early drafts of this OpEd.

Update: Thank you, Instapundit, for the link!