Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turner: Ten Reasons Public Won't Buy Senate Health Plan

The November 25, 2009 Washington Examiner published an OpEd by Grace-Marie Turner discussing, "Ten reasons public won't buy Senate health care plan".

Here are her key points:
1. Exploding costs
2. Losing your current coverage
3. Job-killing taxes on employers
4. Budgetary gimmick -- tax now, spend later
5. Increasing future health care spending
6. Cost-shifting gimmick
7. Taxpayer-financed abortion
8. Twenty-four million uninsured -- still
9. Scarce subsidies
10. Mandates cause higher premiums and more uninsured
(For further details on each of her points, read the full text of "Ten reasons public won't buy Senate health care plan".)

Some of her points are at the level of economic analysis. Her points 2, 3, and 10 also touch on more fundamental issues of individual rights.

Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans are opposed to ObamaCare.

The big question is whether Congress will disregard Americans' wishes and ram their agenda down our throats anyways.

(Via Patient Power.)