Friday, December 4, 2009

John Lewis: What HR3962 Actually Says

Professor John Lewis of Duke University has posted a detailed analysis of the most recent House health care bill HR3962.

In particular, Professor Lewis asks the following key questions in his essay: "What the House Health Care Bill, HR3962, Actually Says":
1. Will the plan punish Americans who do not carry the required insurance, or employers who do not provide it?
2. Will the plan make private insurance illegal?
3. Will the plan ration medical care through budgets?
4. Will the plan ration care through waiting lists?
5. Will the plan impose special, higher taxes on Americans who earn more than others?
6. Will the plan levy special taxes and surcharges on medical devices?
7. How will the plan affect health insurance provided by employers?
8. Does the plan allow the government to set fees?
9. Can the government officials audit taxpayers, employers, and insurance plans to enforce compliance?
Most Americans aren't going to like the answers.

Professor Lewis also lists "new boards, committees, programs, and other bureaucratic encumbrances" established by the bill.

Read the full text of "What the House Health Care Bill, HR3962, Actually Says".

(Thanks to Jason C for the summary!)