Monday, December 14, 2009

Message From Louisiana

"LT" sent me the following:
This past Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in the pouring rain in New Orleans, Louisiana, to tell Senator Harry Reid and Senator Mary Landrieu that they do not support a government takeover of health care. As you may know, Senator Reid was supposed to attend a fundraiser in New Orleans, but cancelled his plans to attend when he started taking heat for "asking Republicans for the weekend off."

Despite Reid's cancellation, the protest still happened. This video tells the story of the people who participated in the protest and why they want to see the health care bill rejected in the Senate:

Most of these ordinary Americans understand that government promises of "free" health care will result in a government takeover of their lives.

More such protests take place here in Colorado (and the rest of the country) tomorrow (12/15/2009) as part of the "Code Red" series of rallies.

Americans are starting to speak out!