Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quote of the Day from Mark Steyn

Canadian writer Mark Steyn has the quote of the day on President Obama's plans for government-run medicine:
Socialized health care in particular changes the nature of the relationship between citizen and state into something closer to junkie and pusher.
And as David Catron notes:
...[O]nce all Americans find themselves dependent on Big Brother for health care, they will do anything to keep the supply flowing. No matter how badly it works, the voters will resist any change.

...That's why the Democrats and our new President want to foist government-run health care on you. They want the kind of power over you that a crack dealer has over a crackhead.
Bill Whittle nails the essential issue here:
"Free" health-care costs us something precious, and no less precious for being invisible. Because there's a word for someone who has their food, housing and care provided for them... for people who owe their existence to someone else.

And that word is "slaves."