Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kesler: Top Ten Specious Premises for ObamaCare

Bruce Kesler lists the Top Ten Specious Premises for ObamaCare. Each of these is described in greater detail in the full post:
1. Comparing US Health Care To Other Developed Countries
2. US Health Care Spending Is More Than We Can Afford
3. Reform Overhaul Will Yield Major Savings
4. Increased Evidence-Based Medicine And Health Information Technology Will Significantly Improve Care and Reduce Costs
5. Present Administrative Costs And Insurer Profits Are Too High
6. US Consumer Dissatisfaction Requires Drastic Health Care Changes
7. Health Care Costs Are So High They Are A Major Cause Of Personal Bankruptcy
8. The Number Of Uninsured Is So Large That Drastic Health Care Changes Are Necessary
9. More Preventive Care Will Better Serve Consumers And Save Costs
10. Health Care Consumers Are Being Served By Drastic Health Care Changes
Read the whole thing.

This is another good economic analysis of the issues that will be front-page issues soon.

(Via Debby.)