Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CNN: 8 in 10 Americans Happy With Their Health Care

Philip Klein discusses a recent CNN poll in which 8 of 10 Americans say that they are satisfied with their health care.

He also notes that the CNN headline accentuates the negative, i.e., concerns over costs.

The media's drumbeat about our health care "crisis" is making most Americans think that everybody else is having a rough time with health care (even if them themselves are doing relatively ok), and hence we need drastic change in the form of government-managed "universal health care".

Hence, it's important for the media to include a fair discussion of the positives about our current system -- just as Dr. Scott Atlas did in his own recent piece.

And in particular, if Americans are satisifed with their health care quality but unhappy with the costs, then there's a perfect solution to lower costs while maintaining customer satisfaction -- free market health care reforms.