Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hsieh LTE in Denver Post

The August 18, 2008 Denver Post published my LTE opposing single-payer health care. I was responding to an earlier pro-single payer letter by Kristin Hannum of the group Health Care for All Colorado.

Here's my letter:
Re: "Guaranteed health care is best for America," Aug. 13 letter to the editor.

Kristen Hannum's letter propagates the myth that government-run socialized medical systems can actually "guarantee" health care.

The British government has just told patients the exact opposite when it stated that the National Health Service should deny life-saving care if it is too expensive.

Whenever governments attempt to "guarantee" health care, they must also control it. Canada and England save money through rationing and wait lists. Rather than being "guaranteed," government-run health care becomes a privilege dispensed at the discretion of bureaucrats. Do we really want this sort of system?

Paul Hsieh, Sedalia
Given that Senator Barack Obama has now spoken positively about "single payer" systems, it's especially important to let Americans know why they should oppose this idea.