Friday, August 15, 2008

The Ethics of Concierge Medicine

Dr. Steven Knope addresses some of the common myths about concierge medicine. In particular, he tackles the following four misconceptions:
Myth # 1: The only ethical way to save our medical system is to create a universal health care system managed by the government and abandon private medicine.

Myth #2: Concierge Medicine doctors only see wealthy patients, abandoning the poor and middle class.

Myth #3: Health care is a right! People should not have to pay for their healthcare.

Myth #4: Concierge doctors are only concerned with money. There is no reason that they cannot care for complex patients with multiple medical problems in an eight-minute office visit.
I recommend reading the whole thing, because Dr. Knope provides a positive moral defense of his profession.

Concierge medicine is a natural consequence of the free market, where physicians and patients can voluntarily negotiate using their rational judgment according to their mutual interest. Patients receive quality care for a fair price, and physicians are able to practice good medicine according to their professional conscience. Both sides win as a result.