Monday, April 28, 2008

Ralston LTE in Wall Street Journal

The April 25, 2008 Wall Street Journal printed several good LTE's supporting Health Savings Accounts, in response to their recent article warning about Congressional plans to regulate these plans to death ("Health Savings Sabotage"). The following LTE was by Richard Ralston, executive director of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine:
Don't Kill Health Savings Accounts With Regulation

Why would a group of politicians want to do anything possible to deny most Americans the means to provide themselves with affordable medical care? Why would those who maintain that most Americans cannot afford their own medical care insist that they can afford to first pay taxes on the money they use to pay for it? ("Health Savings Sabotage," Review & Outlook, April 19). The proposals you describe in the House Ways and Means Committee to require government bureaucratic review and approval of each individual expense funded by a Health Savings Account are a transparent attempt to destroy such accounts.

Perhaps what is really intolerable to these congressmen is the idea of Americans depending on their own choices and resources, rather than being forced to depend on politicians as their only source of medical care. That requires them to relentlessly oppose anything that makes health care affordable for most Americans as an obstacle to implementing politically-controlled medicine. Americans must decide if they want to control the medical care of their own bodies, or if medical and most other decisions of our daily lives must pass through the hands of those whose priority is maintaining a political spoils system.

Richard E. Ralston
Executive Director
Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
Newport Beach, CA