Friday, July 13, 2007

LTE's by John Mueller and Richard Watts

The July 6, 2007 Rocky Mountain News printed the following LTE from John Mueller:
Despite Moore, United States has best health care

Until I read reviews of it, I thought Michael Moore's latest film, Sicko, was an autobiography. But then, leave it to Moore to twist the subject of his so-called documentaries to suit his own left-leaning views.

Exactly where does Moore think that all the life-saving medicines and great doctors are coming from? Not from Europe or other countries, but from the United States.
We lead the world in cancer and AIDS research. We have the ability to send our doctors overseas through Doctors Without Borders and the much-maligned U.S. military. What more can we as a nation do?

My beloved wife of 25 years is getting much needed medicine from a couple of major companies at no charge and I will always be beholden to them for helping her. To have Moore say that any system other than ours is better is an outright lie.

John A. Mueller, Northglenn
The July 7, 2007 Rocky Mountain News printed the following LTE from Richard Watts:
Health care

In the June 29 Speakout titled "On the road to health-care reform", two members of the 208 Commission on Health Care Reform attempt to gloss over the concerns about the commission’s activities.

They state, "We selected four very different plans to analyze". There are some differences. But what the commissioners don't mention is what all four plans have in common -- they chose only proposals which call for a massive increase in government interference. None of the four plans respect the individual's right to make his or her own health and financial decisions, despite the commissioners' ridiculous assertion that "One emphasizes choice and the enabling of market forces".

On the 208 Commission's chosen menu of coercive measures are forcing every individual in Colorado to buy health insurance, forcing employers to buy health insurance for employees, enormously expanding Medicaid and forcing every person in Colorado into a state-run health care system. The commissioners make their selections sound less coercive than they are, stating that one plan "imposes no coverage requirements on businesses or individuals". They don't mention that this is the plan for the enormous expansion of Medicaid.

Forcing Coloradans into a government-run medical program because some people are uninsured would be just as wrong as forcing everyone to live in a government-run housing project because some people are homeless.

To learn more about how socialized medicine wipes out your choices, and to learn about the free market remedy, visit

Richard Watts, Hayden