Saturday, July 21, 2007

Karen Libby LTE on "Universal Care"

The July 17, 2007 Denver Post published the following LTE by Karen Libby:
The health care debate in the wake of "Sicko"

It's a shame that Michael Moore's latest movie, "Sicko," didn't also explore what is "sick" about two widely touted government-managed health care systems: those of Canada and Britain.

In Canada, someone needing a CAT scan faces a three-month waiting list. It is worse for MRI screening, and if one is of a certain age, they are denied these widely used diagnostic tools. Many people in Canada are unable to find a primary-care doctor because so many Canadian doctors have left the profession or have left Canada to practice in the U.S.

Our health care system is indeed in need of an overhaul, but not by turning over medical care to the government, which cannot even issue passports in a timely fashion. Our representatives in Washington are set for life, as far as medical insurance goes. Moreover, well-heeled citizens who can afford it will always have access to private health care. Passing a single-payer universal health care bill will only create a two-tier system in our country and will not benefit those of us who will be stuck with higher taxes (yes, we will still be paying for our health care) and who cannot afford to foot the bill for private health insurance without an employer's supplement.

Even with its flaws, Americans still enjoy superior health care. There needs to be a safety net for the uninsured, and astronomical medical costs need to be brought under control. These issues are what our lawmakers should be addressing, not dumping a system that can be fixed in favor of a massive bureaucratic mess.

Karen Libby, Denver