Tuesday, July 3, 2007

LTE From Steve Schweitzberger

The June 30, 2007 Rocky Mountain News published the following LTE by Steve Schweitzberger. Here are some excerpts:
...I have repeatedly heard Moore use the analogy that fire protection, provided as a socialized necessity, is an example of how medicine should also be socialized. No report about that analogy has brought attention to the fact that most homeowners carry private fire insurance. Although a "fire department" will try to save life and property, and prevent a fire from spreading to the next house, they do not provide compensation for losses.

...If Michael Moore has a toothache, it is not my responsibility to pay for his dentistry. If it were, then I would have the right to tell him not to eat sweets. I don't want that kind of government-paid medical policy. Do you?

Steve Schweitzberger, Littleton CO