Thursday, July 19, 2007

John Stossel Interviews Michael Moore

ABC journalist John Stossel has interviewed Michael Moore in preparation for an upcoming segment of the television show 20/20. Stossel makes some good points, including the fact that what we currently have is not a free market in health care:
America's medical system has problems, but profit is the least of it. Government mandates, overregulation and a tax code that pushes employer-paid health insurance prevent the free market from performing its efficient miracles. Six out of seven health-care dollars are spent by third parties. That kills the market. Patients rarely shop around, and doctors rarely compete on price or service.

...The U.S. mail manages to deliver his dad's checks, but compare its performance to FedEx or UPS. The Post Office said it wasn't possible to deliver packages overnight.

I want FedEx health care: innovation, new cancer treatments, hip replacements and pain relief. We get that from private-sector competition, not government lethargy.