Friday, February 20, 2015

WSJ On Records and Regulators

Two quick links to recent Wall Street Journal pieces worth reading.

Singer: "ObamaCare's Electronic-Records Debacle".

He highlights both the obvious and hidden costs of mandated electronic medical records, and how they harm patients in the real world.

Huber and Howard: ''What Failed, the new Cancer Treatment or Regulators?"

They discuss how rigid FDA testing guidelines hinder the approval of drugs that might work well for one subpopulation of patients, even if they have minimal effect on the general population.  In essence, this means stifling the development of "personalized medicine" and "precision oncology" based on an individual's unique genetic traits.

(As always, if these direct links only show the preview page, you can often read the full text for free by typing the article title into a Google search box, and getting the "Free Day Pass" version of the article.)