Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catron: Uninsured Balk At Obamacare Bite

David Catron has a new piece in the American Spectator: "Uninsured Balk At Obamacare Bite".

Catron discusses the discovery by Kaiser that half of the uninsured remain without coverage because the cost of insurance is too high under Obamacare.  From his piece:
Such is the genius of our Beltway masters. They pass a law that distorts the insurance market so badly that coverage becomes unaffordable, then fine people for failing to buy it. Next, of course, these brilliant statesmen will try to escape the consequences of their meddling by giving special dispensations to those whose lives they have disrupted. Robert Pear continues, “The White House has already granted some exemptions and is considering more to avoid a political firestorm.” The Obama administration is like a drunk driver offering money to someone he has sideswiped so she won’t telephone the police.

Meanwhile, beyond the walls of the Washington rehab ward, the Kaiser Foundation survey contains more bad news about the President’s “signature domestic achievement.” Contrary to the claims of Obama and his media mouthpieces, the fortunate few who can still afford coverage have continued to experience problems finding their way through the labyrinthine Obamacare sign-up process: “Nearly two-thirds of uninsured adults who sought ACA coverage said they had some difficulty with finding out how to apply, filling in the information, assembling the paperwork, or submitting the application.”

And mere eligibility combined with the perseverance to navigate the application process is by no means a guarantee that an uninsured individual can sign up for an “affordable” health insurance policy. The Kaiser survey continues, “Among those who did try to get ACA coverage, the most common reason people gave for not having ACA coverage was that they were told they were ineligible.… This pattern holds among those who appear eligible for financial help under the ACA.” In other words, the HHS bureaucrats who “help” enrollees remain as clueless as they were the day Healthcare.gov was launched.
His piece peels back more of the pro-ACA narrative we've been seeing in the news. For more details, read the full text of "Uninsured Balk At Obamacare Bite".