Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Irony At Harvard

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that, "Health Care Fixes Backed by Harvard's Experts Now Roil Its Faculty".

Basically, Harvard faculty are themselves feeling the effects of ObamaCare:
In Harvard’s health care enrollment guide for 2015, the university said it “must respond to the national trend of rising health care costs, including some driven by health care reform,” otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act. The guide said that Harvard faced “added costs” because of provisions in the health care law that extend coverage for children up to age 26, offer free preventive services like mammograms and colonoscopies and, starting in 2018, add a tax on high-cost insurance, known as the Cadillac tax.
Some related commentary:
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Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View, "Whining Harvard Professors Discover Obamacare".
Right now, I'm playing a teensy-weensy violin for the Harvard faculty.  (Image below from Amazon.)