Thursday, January 8, 2015

Catron Explains ObamaCare 2015

David Catron has a nice rundown of the 2015 current health law: "Obamacare: The Real Pain Starts This Year".

Key new consequences include the employer mandate, higher premiums, more crowded emergency rooms, and reduced willingness of physicians to see government-insured patients.

Catron's bottom line:
Welcome to the brave new world of U.S. health care as reformed by the President and congressional Democrats. It is precisely the opposite of what most Americans wanted from reform. Eight months before Obamacare passed, Gallup conducted a survey in which a majority of the public unequivocally stated that controlling costs was its highest priority. Obamacare is actually increasing costs for both patients and providers, while reducing access for the former. And this is just the beginning. The pain will continue to increase until this malignant tumor is cut out of our health care system.
As always, theoretical "coverage" does not equal actual medical care.  Governments can promise the former, but not the latter.  For many Americans, this won't be quite so happy of a New Year.

(For more details, read the full text of, "Obamacare: The Real Pain Starts This Year".)