Monday, January 13, 2014

Quick Links: Scribes, UK NHS

The New York Times describes how electronic medical records so diminish physician productivity that they have to hire scribes to do their data entry when seeing patients.

From the article:
“Making physicians into secretaries is not a winning proposition,” said Dr. Christine Sinsky, a primary care physician at Medical Associates Clinic and Health Plans, in Dubuque, Iowa, who also researches physician dissatisfaction.

Dr. Sinsky, who was an author of the article in Health Affairs, has visited more than 50 primary care practices over the past five years, in the course of studying ways to stem high rates of physician burnout. She has found that physicians who use scribes are more satisfied with their work and choice of careers.

The inconsistency isn’t lost on health care experts. In most industries, automation leads to increased efficiency, even employee layoffs. In health care, it seems, the computer has created the need for an extra human in the exam room...

Dr. Scott Atlas reminds Americans of the horrible care patients can expect in the UK socialized system (NHS or National Health Service), and how American health care is moving in that directions.