Monday, January 13, 2014

NYC Debate: Is ObamaCare Beyond Rescue?

On Wednesday 1/15/2014, Intelligence Squared will host a debate on the topic, "Obamacare Is Now Beyond Rescue":
With the disastrous launch of the website, critics of the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” were given more fuel for the fire. Is this political hot potato's inevitability once again at stake? And is the medical community really on board with the law, or resisting (rewriting?) it from the sidelines?

Panelists taking the "For" side include:

  • Scott-Gottlieb-90px


    Dr. Scott Gottlieb
    Practicing Physician & Former Deputy Commissioner, FDA
  • McArdle90x90px


    Megan McArdle
    Writer and Columnist, Bloomberg View    

On the "Against" side:

  • JonathanChait90px


    Jonathan Chait
    Political Commentator and Columnist, New York Magazine
  • Kamerow90px


    Dr. Douglas Kamerow
    Family Physician & Former Assistant Surgeon General

The debate will be moderated by 

  • Moderator Image


    John Donvan
    Author & Correspondent for ABC News

The website includes a "LiveStreaming" tab for folks to watch online.

H/T: Dr. Evan Madianos for the information!

He also adds:
We are organizing a Tweet chat on Twitter at UPenn in the hopes of making it more interactive and engaging. We are promoting it on twitter to the general public and to radiology groups, other doctors groups and health policy groups...
The hashtag will be : #IQChat.