Saturday, May 11, 2013

Upcoming Diana Hsieh Podcast on EMTALA

My wife Diana Hsieh will be covering the EMTALA law (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) as one of the topics in her "Philosophy In Action" radio show tomorrow morning.

Here's the question she'll be answering:
Question 3: Emergency Medical Care

Do people have a right to "stabilizing medical care"? EMTALA (a.k.a. the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) is a federal law that requires ERs to stabilize any patient with an emergency medical condition, regardless of the patient's ability to pay. Is that proper? Is that the same as a right to medical care? Does it matter that EMTALA only applies to emergency rooms that accept Medicare patients?
The other topics she'll be covering include "taxes vs. slavery", the Gosnell infanticide case, and how to work with an uncommunicative boss.

For more details on how to listen live (or listen to the podcast later), go to her page.