Thursday, May 9, 2013

Benjamin Rush YouTube Channel

The Benjamin Rush Society (soon to be renamed the Benjamin Rush Institute) has a new YouTube channel.

According to executive director Dr. Beth Haynes:
You can now access all of the debates from the 2012-2013 academic year - the latest of which is on the issue of Maintenance of Certification. The full video of this particular is debate lengthy -- 2 hours. A volunteer is preparing a transcript from which I will work on creating an abridged version - but as that won't be available for several weeks, I wanted to make the full length version available now...

This topic is picking up steam, sparking initiatives in state medical societies(one example attached), a law suit, and news articles, a survey of physicians asking them to report actual costs for recertification, and vigorous discussion on various internet platforms.

I am thrilled that the work of BRS is relevant beyond medical school campuses, and able to provide medical students a place to get involved now.
 Kudos to Dr. Haynes for her great work!