Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quick Links: Catron, Scherz, Preston

David Catron: "Obama Shafts Poor and Minority Seniors Again" (American Specatator, 3/18/2013).

He notes that, the "[l]atest cuts in Medicare Advantage hits those who can least afford it."

Dr. Hal Scherz: "Why Pay Physicians Anything At All For Providing Healthcare?" (Townhall, 3/18/2013).

(As Dr. Megan Edison astutely observed, "Why all this attention to 'doctor pay' when it is only 8.6% of healthcare costs? Because controlling doctors by changing their compensation structure is how to control 1/5 of the American economy.")

Bryan Preston: "Thanks to ObamaCare, You May Soon Get Serious Medical Treatment from People Who Lack Medical Training" (PJMedia, 3/7/2013)