Friday, March 1, 2013

Benjamin Rush Society March Debates

The March 2013 debate schedule for the Benjamin Rush Society is now out!

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  Benjamin Rush Society-Arthur N Rupe Debate Series

March 11 @ Ohio State University Current Financial Conflict of Interest Policies Create Unjustified Obstacles to Medical Innovation and the Development of Affordable, Quality Medical Care”   Dr. Tom Stossel, MD (Harvard) and Dr. Andrew Thomas, MD (OSU)

March 12 @ Mt.Sinai Medial School, NYC “Medicare and Medicaid must be drastically changed to survive the current budget crisis and health care reform." Sally Pipes (Pacific Research Institute) Dr. Scott Gottlieb, MD (American Enterprise Institute), Dr. Chris Lillis, MD, (Doctors for America), Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal, MD (Physicians for a National Health Plan)

March 26 @ Yale University   "Markets with Limited Government Intervention are the Best Way to Control Spending Growth in Health Care." Avik Roy, (Forbes, The Apothecary) Joshua Archabault, (Pioneer Institute of Public Policy Research), Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal, MD (Physicians for a National Health Plan), Dr. William Sage, MD, JD,(Visiting Professor of Law at Yale Law School) 

For more information, see the BRS website.