Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roerig on Medical Tourism

In a 2/18/2013 blog post for The Objective Standard, Howard Roerig discusses "Medical Tourism: A Free Market Alternative to ObamaCare".

Here is the opening:
In 2009, in my home state of Colorado, a friend faced an estimated expense of $30,000 for necessary dental surgery, an amount far in excess of what he could afford. After doing some research, he opted to have the work done in Costa Rica, where he ended up paying $6,000 for the same surgery. He was treated in a facility so modern that “it looked like something out of Star Trek”; the staff all spoke fluent English; and they were friendly, competent, and supportive throughout his stays. As a bonus, he was able to enjoy two relaxing vacations in a beautiful Caribbean country. This kind of option for medical care, which has come to be called “medical tourism,” is rapidly increasing in popularity...
For certain types of non-emergency medical procedures, this option will be an enormous boon for Americans who may have an increasingly difficult time getting them through the US system in a few years.

For more details, read the full text of "Medical Tourism: A Free Market Alternative to ObamaCare".

(I also expect some entrepreneur to start a chain of floating hospital cruise ships that provide medical services in international waters, while family members can enjoy the amenities.)